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Ningbo Zhenhai Boos Bearing Factory ,Since 2008, the factory has set up a technology research and development centers, by equipped with precision measurement, mechanical test and life test, such as multiple laboratories, continuously to reform to improve the level of manufacturing technology and product precision.Workshop introduced a series of domestic and foreign advanced CNC, grinding and assembly equipment, precision of the product level is above the P5, precision of the noise Z4, V4 above, and there are some items more than 30% more than the precision of the reserves. Product successfully entered the domestic and foreign motor, automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, textile, electric tools, automation equipment, etc.

Main products are Inch size and Metric size High Quality Guide-way ball bearings, Roller ball bearings (SG series, LFR series, V-W series, and LV series), Special bearings, and Non-standard bearings. The registered brand - "BOOS" has become a well-known brand in Chinese bearing field.