Advanced Design & Solutions — From BOOS

BOOS provides various technologies and products for OEM and aftermarket
clients around the world. A number of Patents bring us stronger corporation
competitiveness, while allow us to offer product solutions with better quality
to our clients.

Products & Service from BOOS range from micro motor, home accessories, 
fitness equipment, telecommunication equipment, to medical apparatus and
motor industry. The main products of BOOS are Inch & Metric size high
quality Guide-way ball bearings, Roller ball bearings (SG series,
LFR series, V-W series, and LV series), Special bearings, and
Non-standard bearings. 

BOOS is committed to optimize the experiences while satisfying
the needs of the clients. We can offer the service below: 

  • product customization

  • product optimal design

  • accurate calculation of cost

  • precise inspection of product

  • bearing endurance test

In the meantime, our technology team guarantee the products: 

  • high-efficiency productivity

  • strict manufacturing process

  • accurate product positioning

  • several finished product inspection 

  • aim to maximize your economic benefit

We combine our technology,global service,manufacture and marketing
network with knowledge and experiences of our employees, thus create
and provide product plan with innovative and sustainable design.

Test & Assessment for Bearings Life — From BOOS

In the process of service, whatever your customized products, or standard bearings,
BOOS can offer the endurance test of bearings. It is our honor to meet you here personally.

Test & Assessment for Bearings Life and Reliability

BOOS works for your maximum benefit by our precise bearings life-span test machines
and professional technology team. Make sure everything secured. 

BOOS offers regular test and assessment of bearings life and reliabiltiy for general rolling 
bearings (5mm< d <120mm), applies to acceptance check for clients with specificed

The trial objectives can be divided into three parts: qualification test, periodic test,
verification test. When changing of bearings structure, material, technology happens, it
is called qualification test. Normally take complete test or censored experiment. For
acceptance test, normally take censored experiemnt or sequential trials. For Volume-
produce bearings, manufacturer should provide tests to users periodically, its quality
is required as verification test. 

Performance Test of Dustproofing, Grease leakage
and Temperature rise 

BOOS offers performance test of dustproofing, grease leakage and temperature rise
for general sealed deep groove ball bearings and rolling bearings. The other types
and sizes of bearigns also can be tested: 

  • dustproofing performance of sealed ball bearings

    the ability of sealed ball bearings to prevent dust entering into bearing bore

    in the operation process

  • temperature rise performance of sealed ball bearings

    the difference between the highest temperature of sealed ball bearings'

    outside surface of outer ring and nature temperature in the operation process

  • grease leakage performance of sealed ball bearings

    the performance of preventing the grease leakage from bearing bore to outside

    in the operation process